Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Liebster Award Nomination

Simple Life at anchor in the Exuma Islands 2014

The Liebster Award is presented to non commercial cruising & sailing websites and blogs, as recognition for quality content and interest

      Thank you so much to Kathi from who nominated my blog for the Liebster Award! This nomination was awarded to us a couple of months ago, but this is the first opportunity I've had to sit down and answer the ten questions that accompany the nomination regulations.
Thank you to Kathi from MV Dyad!

1) Introduce yourselves and the boat you are sailing.

     We are a couple from Narragansett Bay, RI who dreamed of living aboard a sailboat for most of our marriage (over 30 years). Our home (sailboat) is Simple Life (we keep hoping).

2) What is your boat's name and why is she called what she is?

     Our boat is named Simple Life. We bought our first cruising boat in 1991 and her name was Simple Life. We loved the name and when we found our new boat in 2001 we named her Simple Life. Living aboard certainly isn't a simple life, but we keep hoping and trying to live up to the name.

3) What kind of boat is that anyway?

     She is an Island Packet 37. She's actually 39.5 feet in length including the bowsprit.

4) What made you decide to live this lifestyle?

     The dream was constant. It seemed everything we did while living ashore was in preparation for making the lifestyle a reality.

5) What is the best thing about your lifestyle?

     There are so many best things that it's difficult to choose only one. One thing I enjoy is self reliance. We primarily live off the grid. Our power source is a battery bank that is recharged by solar and wind power. We cook with propane and even have an on board fireplace for the occasional chilly morning.

6) What is the worst thing about your lifestyle?

     I would have to say that the worst thing about living aboard is the occasional need to remedy a clogged head...and I'm not referring to the human kind.

7) What has been the favorite place you've visited?

     We love the Bahamas especially the Out Islands.

8) What do you carry on board that is completely useless?

     Our boat isn't big enough to carry useless items. Everything must have a purpose. Each year I inventory items and if they were not used during the season they're removed.

9) Is there anything you really miss by living on a boat?

     I'd have to say a washing machine. Sometimes when traveling laundry can build up for three weeks!

10) What do you really use your binoculars for?

     I actually use them often. Joe is constantly pestering me for confirmation of navigational marks, boats heading toward us, etc. Of course they come in handy for finding friends in anchorages, too.

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