Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving in Vero Beach

Thursday happy hour jam at Vero Beach with the Salty Paws
Jim Austin and Bentley Smith
Michele Boulay on Bodhran
      Each year I find myself appreciating the gifts of life more and more. Maybe I'm getting more sentimental or perhaps age and some semblance of wisdom have something to do with it. At any rate not to sound sappy I am thankful for good health, wonderful friends, a great boat that generates abundant adventures, and a husband who is my best friend and protector. Thanksgiving although not a religious holiday, is my time of year to take notice of the gifts my life has been afforded and to give thanks to God. The Pilgrims really had a great idea! Eat lots of food and celebrate with friends who matter. Enjoy and be thankful for the life we have. What a concept! It must have been a great idea because we still celebrate today especially at the annual Vero Beach Cruiser's Thanksgiving Dinner.  
A pre holiday get together with the crew from SV Island Spirit
Radeen and Hayden with Michele aboard Simple Life

Dave from MV Dyad 
Thanksgiving dinner in Vero Beach



     This year as always the CLODS former boaters (cruisers living on dirt) provided cooked turkeys and ham for the 150 or so cruisers who visited Vero Beach for the holiday. Each cruising boater brought a side dish and beverages. This year my contribution was a recipe from Traditional Irish Cooking called Champ (mashed potatoes with green onions). It was a hit. If you're curious...see the attached recipe from epicurious
Michele Boulay SV Simple Life and Jim Austin of SV Salty Paws

Dave Register of MV Dyad 
     The food and conversations are always good, but my favorite part of the day begins after dinner when a few musicians who live aboard get together for a jam session. This year did not disappoint as the crew from SV Salty Paws, Jim Austin and Bentley Smith sang a salty mix of tunes performed on guitar and banjo. Dave Register from MV Dyad sang and played guitar while Patrick Hentschell from SV Holiday did a great job jamming with his collection of harmonicas. I provided the rhythm section with the Bodhran (Irish drum). A few other cruisers also jammed on guitar, but some came and went and I didn't catch their names.

Dave and Kathy from MV Dyad and Pat Hentschell from SV Holiday

     After Thanksgiving the cruising vessels head south on separate schedules. Some plan to spend the winter in south Florida and the Keys. Others like us will cross over to the Bahamas. Next November most us will gather once again in Vero Beach for celebration, good food and even better friendships.
Jim Austin & Bentley Smith from SV Salty Paws

All photo credits by Joe Boulay
            SV Simple Life

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