Sunday, May 1, 2016

Back in the USA

Our Bahamas departure across the Little
Bahama Bank was smooth as glass
     Its's been awhile since updating our blog. After our return to the States a couple of weeks ago we've begun our delivery back to Rhode Island. It's a busy time spending 7-10 hours a day traveling including a few longer 24 hour offshore overnight passages. Trying to maintain everyday life aboard providing three meals a day, tidying up and working on boat projects takes up much of my time. Joe spends most days at the helm. When night falls we're ready for a good book and sleep by nine. The trip to Rhode Island will probably take a month allowing a few off days off for shore leave and halting for weather.
Sunset on the Little Bahama Banks

Leaving the Bahamas is always an emotional time for me and for Joe.

Although, he tends to see things more realistically than me. I especially dislike the leaving part. I know that we need to head north by a certain point in order to get back to New England, but I am reluctant to venture back into reality. By that I am referring to traffic, sirens, multitudes of people, the pace of life in general and lets not forget leaving the color of the Bahamian water behind.

     Florida is wonderful, but after spending a few months in the Bahamas one must reacquaint oneself with the pace of life in the States. Although, I must admit that I love and missed Publix Supermarkets. After our return taking the bus into town was a treat. I was overwhelmed with food choices. I'd forgotten about the bogos! There are no bogos in the Bahamas. There are even fewer markets. I bought cheesecake for Joe. I'd forgotten about that, too. There was an aisle with two for ones! Had to stop there and check it out. Skippy Peanut Butter, we were out of that over a month ago. Got two of those. Wine...oh wine at a reasonable price! I spent over an hour checking out the food I'd left behind. Bacon, loaded potato salad, hummus in every flavor, Kerry Gold Dubliner Cheese, barbecued chicken, fresh cold cuts and Irish Swiss cheese at the deli! Crackers at a reasonable price. It's hard to believe that after three months these everyday food items gleaned an element of exotic and even seemed gourmet.

     Let's not forget the charms of TJMaxx. I stopped there, too. The stores are in the same plaza. Bought myself a new linen ensemble comprised of pants a shirt and a vest. Also, made a stop at the Ulta store and made an appointment for a haircut. Crossed the street and stopped at West Marine to buy varnish for the teak and polish for the fiberglass. What a day! Vero Beach really is a wonderful place for cruising sailors. By the end of the afternoon, my negative feelings became tempered. I felt happier, definitely less tired than after the overnight passage. Perhaps the shopping cheered me. It's good to be back. Life is easier here.

     By weeks end we were provisioned and ready to head north. Rhode Island is a long way from Vero, but taking it one day at a time and stopping to enjoy a few interesting ports renews travel weary spirits along the way.

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