Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sidelined in Vero Beach

     People are sidelined for fouls in basketball, football, soccer sailing. In our case it wasn't a foul or illegal mark rounding that sidelined us it was sciatica! All of the readers under 35 will need to use the iPhone and google that word right now! Everyone else already knows what I'm talking about and you're probably remembering a time when you or someone you love now or perhaps used to love had this affliction.
     Joe had been complaining about feeling like Walter Brennan who played the grandfatherly character Amos McCoy in the 1960's show The Real McCoy's. He'd do the "old man" groan when getting up from a crouched position. He was feeling stiff in the morning (without even having a beer). All of this compounded with the daily demands of deploying 70 feet of chain and anchor and retrieving the chain in the morning with a manual windlass that is not in proper working order. Now we have a "situation."
     Joe suffered with the "situation" for a few weeks until it had become serious enough to call his doctor who immediately prescribed a course of prednisone and anti-inflammatories. This affliction of back problems seemed to be infiltrating the newly retired cruising population. Two cruiser friends had to visit Urgent care facilities this week for similar injuries.

     Fortunately, we were all resting on a moorings in Vero Beach at the Municipal Marina. I'd heard all of the stories about Vero Beach. It's known as Velcro Beach because once you get there you find it hard to leave. It's true! The city offers so many extended amenities that cruisers have been known to grow roots and never leave.

              A free bus run by the city of Vero Beach picks up cruisers at the Municipal Marina every hour from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM daily Monday through Friday with a limited schedule until 3:00 PM on Saturday. The bus ride is seven minutes from the beach, a Saturday farmer's market, grocery shopping, pharmacies, a West Marine and most importantly, for those of us who feel a bit shopping deprived...TJMAXX!


         The respite in Vero gave Joe's back injury some time to recover from the strain of daily physical chores associated with anchoring and lifting the dinghy engine and dinghy onto the davits. I was able to shop daily and re-provision without Joe having to carry groceries. Yesterday, we took the bus to the beach for lunch and music appreciation.

Even though I was reluctant to leave this morning we dropped the mooring and headed south. Joe has recovered nicely since his time off from boating chores and I have gained an understanding of the draw of Vero Beach and how easy it would be to stay awhile or even perhaps all winter.

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