Friday, September 6, 2013

Home is Where the Heart (or Boat) Is

Conimicut Point Lighthouse, Narragansett Bay
     Cliches are memorable, thus their propensity for endurance throughout time. The word home conjures all kinds of images. A house, family, a neighborhood, and in our case a boat. This summer Simple Life's homecoming to Rhode Island was sweet. It was everything that epitomized the word home. The familiar surroundings of our harbor and neighborhood, numerous family gatherings both bittersweet and heart-warming, reuniting with old friends and family and realizing, "This is where we're from, this is where we're most at home."
Family members John and Mike enjoying Simple Life


     In the cruising community there's a saying, "Home is Where the Boat Is." That becomes true when traveling. Cruising friends are a tight knit community that become an adjunct family offering support, camaraderie and lasting friendships.
Friend Jean waves good bye aboard Dawn Treader
    Yesterday, Simple Life's mooring lines were liberated and now she's bound for sea. Our autumn southern migration has officially begun and we're underway. As we sailed out of Pawtuxet Cove we bid farewell to neighbors and friends Ted and Jean aboard Dawn Treader. I glanced back somewhat wistfully as they sailed north and we sailed south. Somehow the plans we'd made during our travels north last spring eluded us. We didn't visit the Vineyard or visit many of our favorite harbors in New England. Simple Life needed more attention after her journey north and chores took longer than expected. The time spent at home reminded me of the importance of a place. For us Narragansett Bay is that place and regardless of where we may wander it will always be the place we call home.


Dutch Harbor Lighthouse, West Passage, Narragansett Bay

      We hope you'll join us this fall and winter as we sail Simple Life on another adventure south via Long Island Sound, Chesapeake Bay and the Intracoastal Waterway to the Florida Keys and Bahama Islands.