Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weather Delay In Sunset Lake, South Beach, Miami

The Art Deco area of South Beach, Miami
       This morning at 6:30 AM I drifted in and out of a last night's slumber barely hearing the amber, hypnotic voice of our weather router's SSB radio broadcast. In contrast, Joe crawled out of bed early sans alarm clock in anticipation of Chris Parker's Bahamas forecast. I vaguely remembered hearing, "Good morning all stations. This is Chris Parker on
Bel Amie from Marine Weather..." and apparently drifted off into a sound, weather verbiage induced sleep. Toward the end of the broadcast it was the aromatic hazelnut coffee along with the familiar tinkling of the spoon against a ceramic mug that had the power to rouse me. Remember Pavlov's dog? I awoke attempting to recall anything that was said. "Approaching cold front, stalled trough, squalls, the Euro model, the GSS model," are all words that I vaguely recalled but, in my drowsy state failed to process in any logical order. After downing my first cup of coffee I asked Joe for the highlighted condensed recap of the morning forecast. This is how each day begins aboard the Simple Life.

A dolphin off the coast during the sail to Miami
    The broadcast was grim as Chris advised listeners in the South Florida and Bahamas area to find a safe anchorage because depending on your latitude, conditions would turn nasty with squalls and high winds on the verge of gale force beginning at midnight tonight. He said that the next possibility for a Gulf Stream crossing may be early next week. Possibly on Monday when a milder stretch of weather may take charge.



The dinghy dock on Collin's Canal, Miami

 One positive feature of having a weather delay in Miami Beach is that there seems to be no shortage of activities or opportunities for sightseeing. Simple Life has been anchored in Sunset Lake for nearly a week. The lake offers great protection in all wind conditions and has excellent holding. 

Simple Life's anchorage in Sunset Lake, Miami Beach

     We've dinghied to nearby Collins Canal where there's a dinghy dock across from a Publix Market! Great provisioning while staging for the Bahamas during this weather layover. The local bus which cost $.25 travels throughout South Beach. We've done a fair amount of walking but, it's nice to hop the bus when carrying chairs and umbrellas after a day on South Beach where so far there have been no celebrity sightings. Not even one Kardashian.

Our neighbors in Sunset Lake
Jim and Bentley from Salty Paws

    Our neighbors in Sunset Lake, Jim and Bentley aboard Salty Paws invited us to join them for delicious tuna roll ups and spring rolls. They caught the tuna while sailing with a hand line! Delicious treats and great company. Joe and I invited them over to Simple Life last night for Shrimp Mozambique one of our Portuguese favorites from back home.


Art Deco architecture 
     During our first day in South Beach we went on a bender when it came to sightseeing. Joe steered us toward Lincoln Road, a well known highlight during any visit to Miami. He must have read that somewhere. It's a trendy outdoor mall with shops and inviting alfresco cafes where the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Queen Latifah have reportedly braved paparazzi and adoring crowds.

An array of colorful lifeguard towers
on South Beach, Miami

Bold colors are everywhere in Miami

An iconic lifeguard tower on South Beach, Miami
photo by Joe Boulay

      No one adored us as we navigated the crowds at the mall we simply saw all types, ages and sizes of people watching people. Heading east at the end of Lincoln Road is South Beach where we planned to take a short stroll just to check it out for the future. The short stroll became a longer one that led us to its end at South Point at Nikki Beach another favorite of the rich and famous where Ferraris and Bentleys seem to be the transportation of choice. I personally wouldn't recognize a Bentley from a Ferrari but, Joe certainly took notice. It was nearing sunset and it quickly became apparent that as usual we'd overdone our first day in town. One thing we need to work on when arriving in a new port is pacing ourselves on our first day of "shore leave." Although, it seems that we'll not be bored or lacking activities during our stay here in Miami Beach and I'm sure Joe will be researching even more ways to keep us on the verge of vacation saturation.
A crowded day on South Beach, Miami
photo by Joe Boulay