Thursday, April 17, 2014

Music Jam Session, Long Island, Bahamas

Jam session at Long Island Breeze
     The highlight of our winter sojourn in the Bahamas capped with the collaboration of cruising musicians at Long Island Breeze Resort in Salt Pond, Long Island, Bahamas. The music jam, organized by Mike the owner of the resort was well attended by a corps of cruising musicians, other cruisers in the anchorage and even a few tourists visiting the island.
Julie, Michele and Diane


Bentley Smith and Jim Austin of Salty Paws
     With the arrival of the Salty Paws crew Jim and Bentley in the Salt Pond anchorage a lively recipe
for Friday night's Jam Session became a sure bet. The session was sprinkled with several other talented musicians' styles and the evening became a veritable gumbo of musical merriment.


Ted from MEKHAYA and Michele
     The evening began when the charismatic crew of Salty Paws roused the crowd with a few familiar sea chanteys. I played back up percussion of the Bodhran (Irish drum) while witnessing the growing interest of the happy hour crowd. Was it the drink or the entertainment? It didn't matter. They were actually listening! It wasn't long before other musicians mustered the courage and stepped up to the mike. Mark from Rachel electrified the audience with his voice and expertise on mandolin. Ted from MEKHAYA fueled the flames by adding his warm voice and guitar talents. The enthusiastic Sarah from Mirador sang back up and harmony on a few tunes along with Salty Paws, MEKHAYA, and the captain of Indigo who performed some fine down home bluegrass on guitar and ukelele. The session was an all around rousing success that bordered on a healthy endorphin high.
Mark from Rachel on mandolin


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