Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Return to the States

Last view of the Bahamas for the season 
     The 30 hour trip from Allen's Pensacola Key in the Abacos to Fort Pierce, Florida was a long, arduous trip across the Gulf Stream. The wind was up and down and at times variable from unfavorable directions, Simple Life's engine was running a good part of the time. I'm not certain why but, after motoring for a few hours the sound and constant drone seems amplified and inescapable. It's my least favorite part of traveling. Sailing is so much more mind mellowing.

    Vero Beach was our destination for a few days for rest and reprovisioning. I was looking forward to grocery shopping at a fully stocked American supermarket and shopping at TJMAXX for some "prizes" for myself. Vero has always been a good stop in that the city moorings are reasonably priced, there's free public transportation pickups on marina grounds along with numerous restaurants and amenities for boaters throughout the city.

     With any luck this spring our intentions are to travel north reaching New England by early June. This season we've planned quite a few upgrades for Simple Life. Constant living aboard, sun and normal wear and tear have taken their toll and she needs "a few days at a spa." Some big ticket items such as a new mainsail and a water maker are considerations. The later not really a necessity for next season. One must have addition is an anchor wash down pump for all those muddy anchorages in Chesapeake Bay and along the Carolina anchorages. Canvas repair has also been added to the lengthening list. Joe has been keeping his own list of engine related maintenance that I have no interest in discussing. For these reasons our trip north to New England will more than likely be less about touring and more of a delivery. Hopefully, fast tracking back to Rhode Island by making more offshore sails will enable us to skip a good part of the tedious travel along the ICW. Of course we have numerous friends with whom we plan to visit along the way who will undoubtedly make our journey north interesting and rewarding. When traveling we try as much as possible to enjoy the journey and not think too much about the destination.