Monday, March 30, 2015

Deep Sea Fishing-Bahamas Style

Mahi Dreams at Spanish Wells
Photo courtesy of Jim Austin
March has been a banner month for deep sea and inshore reef fishing in the Bahamas. High easterly winds during February kept many cruisers seeking sheltered anchorages along the island chain of Exuma and Eleuthera. While enjoying Devils Hoffman's isolation we fished inshore. It seems Grey Triggerfish love shrimp and ham hocks! After reeling in three while at anchor we ended the day due to lack of free space in the freezer.
Grey Triggerfish love shrimp and ham hocks


Beautiful bull Mahi Mahi. Joe's a happy man!

     When the heavy air finally subsided a couple of weeks ago cruisers took advantage and got on the move. With the onset of March Mahi Mahi seem to be enjoying the lighter winds and were also on the move. Reports from several cruising sailboats  confirmed that Mahi and other big game fish were biting. Joe caught his 39 inch Mahi Mahi while motoring in light wind conditions across the Northeast Providence Channel between Devils Hoffman Cay in the Berry Islands and Spanish Wells, Eleuthera in over 10,000 feet of deep ocean. That day we also sighted a school of tuna and a school of Mahi Mahi leaping out of the water as we closed in on the drop off near the cut to Egg Island, Eleuthera. Unfortunately, we'd pulled our lines in before nearing the cut.
Bull Mahi Mahi 
Four fresh lobster tails for dinner!


Scott from Saltine holding his prize catch of the day!
     Our friends Scott and Donna from Saltine whom we spent time with in Bimini were sailing to Nassau from Frazier's Hog Cay in the Berrys when their game fish hit their lure in the Tongue of the Ocean. From the photo the fish appeared to be a White Marlin.  I am still waiting for confirmation from them on the fish's true identity.

     The Salty Paws,  Jim and Bentley scored twice in the same day on their trip along the western side of Eleuthera with two big, beautiful Mahi Mahis! Joe and I were invited to enjoy music and Mahis on St. Patricks Day aboard Salty Paws for some Irish tunes and delicious dinner.
Simple Life at anchor at dawn Meek's Patch, Eleuthera
Photo by Jim Austin
       In closing let me remind you, these fish were caught and successfully landed aboard sailboats not million dollar sport fishing boats equipped with fishing guides, fighting chairs and roomy aft cockpits. Believe me it's chaos when a fish hits, but the excitement and adrenaline make the catch all the more exciting and especially delicious!
Grilled triggerfish and champagne!