Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Holidays in Vero Beach

Robin Clay, Joe Boulay & Bob Clay
Kiwi friends we met cruising 12 years ago
in the Bahamas have returned for another season.

     The official onset of the holiday season for the crew of Simple Life and more than two hundred other boaters kicked off with the annual Thanksgiving celebration at the Vero Beach City Marina where a high energy sensation of revelry was in the air.

Bentley Smith & Michele Boulay
Photo by Hayden Cocoran

Celebrating Thanksgiving with friends

     At this time of year which is for many the start of the migration season it's not so much about what is happening at the moment, but more about possibilities for the upcoming season in both south Florida and the Bahamas. It's about reuniting with old friends whom we haven't seen in awhile as well as meeting new people. 
Michele with a new fan of the Bodhran
Photo by Joe Boulay
It's about the excitement and thrill of catching the first Mahi of the season along with unanticipated events that are already in the stars, but to us are unfathomable at this time. 
The Salty Paws performing with friends
Photo by Joe Boulay



Bentley Smith, Michele Boulay & Jim Austin
performed after Thanksgiving dinner in Vero Beach
Photo by Hayden Cocoran
     In some manner I think we who sail oceans are excitement junkies. We relish the unknown and sometimes uncomfortable situations in which we sometimes find ourselves. I don't know all the reasons why we have chosen this particular lifestyle, but I do know that the close camaraderie among boaters is what unifies us all as good friends.

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