Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Leaving Home

      I awoke this morning the way nature intended...with the sunrise. Well actually it was closer to two hours after sunrise, around 7:00 AM. The great thing was there was no aggravating sound of my "chirping bird" alarm clock which I had planned to pummel with a sledge hammer on my final day of work on June 18th. I didn't actually "finish off the alarm clock once and for all" as planned, but I can say that it did not make it onto the must have items aboard the Simple Life.
Pawtuxet Cove from Simple Life's mooring
     Joe made coffee as usual but today it was extra special. He made the coffee aboard our new home  Simple Life. Early morning in our home port of Pawtuxet Cove is idyllic. It's calm, swans are swimming about having breakfast on lettuce seaweed, real birds are singing in the sea rose bushes, foxes are scavenging the shoreline in search of a meal. Church bells chime in the small village. It seems more of a destination than a home. Yet we will be leaving this soon.
      After downing a couple of cups of Joe's specialty coffee it was time to drop the mooring line. I said to Joe as we sailed out of the harbor this morning, "You know, as a little girl I dreamed of this moment. Every time my dad and I sailed out of this harbor in his 16 foot Bristol I would watch the big sailboats skimming across the Bay and dream that someday I would live on one and travel wherever I chose."

The inner cove 
   This morning Joe and I left home to sail the familiar waters of Narragansett Bay, Block Island Sound, Vineyard Sound. We don't really have a plan. We'll wait to see what the wind direction is then we'll decide. Just the way nature intended.