Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Annapolis, Maryland

The Chapel Naval Academy Yard
     To a large extent a good deal of our time during this past week in Annapolis has revolved around numerous dental appointments due to my need for a root canal. However, that didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves in town.

     Annapolis is such an interesting, historic place that offers so much to see and do. Because of our extended visit, we began feeling like locals and Annapolis started to feel like home. The peaceful tree lined streets with undulating brick sidewalks that encircle oak and chestnut trees are perfect for a leisurely walk into town. In spite of the abnormally warm temperatures, Fall was definitely evident with hints of red and golden leaves and the sound of acorns and leaves crunching under foot. A stroll down any street in the historic old town district is an outing back in time. There are so many interesting taverns with excellent happy hour food and drink offerings. One of our favorites is Middleton's Tavern near "Ego Alley" at the town dock. The tavern dates back to the 1750's. My favorite is steamed shrimp served hot with plenty of Old Bay sprinkled on top. The side entrance to the bar is a warm, welcoming place where locals and transient cruisers' tend to congregate at happy hour swapping information with their latest "war" stories. We also enjoyed the Boatyard Bar and Grille in Eastport.

Annapolis home on Maryland Ave.


     We've anchored in a few locations in Annapolis but, our favorite anchorage by far is in Spa Creek. It's well protected from all wind directions and peaceful with minimal boat traffic. According to the harbor master, the holding isn't good in a blow but, the weather was calm during the two weeks we were there. The other nice feature about Annapolis is the abundance of dinghy docks. Dinghys can be tied at any street in Annapolis or Eastport that ends at the water. Several streets have a dinghy dock and all have ladders. Annapolis is definitely a boater friendly town.

The anchorage in Spa Creek at sunset



Galway Bay Irish Pub

     Spa Creek's location was central to all of Annapolis' historic attractions and it was a twenty minute walk to Graul's Grocery. Even laundry duty can seem like less of a chore when the laundromat in town is located across from the Galway Bay Irish Pub! Ah, nothing goes with laundry tasks better than a cold pint.

Joe enjoying a pint 

Crossing Celtic performing at the Maryland Fall Festival

      The Maryland Avenue Fall Festival was held on Sunday September 29th. Crossing Celtic performed live Irish music and the street was closed to traffic for al fresco dining and numerous street vendors stalls.


Midshipmen gathering at Memorial Hall for the noon meal formation.
      No visit to Annapolis is complete without strolling through the Naval Academy grounds and witnessing the daily march as midshipmen assemble at Memorial Hall for the noon meal formation.  While on the grounds we also visited the Naval Academy's cemetery where we found Apollo 13 Commander Jim Lovell's future grave site. That's right, he's still very much alive but, he's already marked his spot for eternity.
Apollo 13 Commander Jim Lovell's future resting site, Naval Academy Cemetery.

     Let's regress to my dental woes. I was fortunate to find a wonderful dentist while we were in town who advised me on treatment for my cracked tooth. Dr. Todd Patton of Patton Smiles www.pattonsmiles.com modern, immaculate office was located within walking distance from the dinghy dock. It was less than a 45 minute walk and since we didn't have ground transportation that's an important feature for wayfarers. He also referred me to an endodontist who performed the root canal and whose office was also nearby. The entire process from initial evaluation to the final crown was completed in 4 dental visits. Other than my anxiety about the procedures it was relatively painless and I would highly recommend Dr. Patton's expertise in dental care and his compassionate staff. I felt confident in my choice of dentists and very welcomed. How many people can say they've had a hug from their dentist? With all systems go we're once again heading south. We'd planned to be much farther along by now but, as we've learned from experience, the best made plans are cast in Jello.