Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The C&D Canal and the Root Canal, Annapolis, Maryland

Spa Creek anchorage Annapolis, Maryland
   The Chesapeake & Delaware Canal was quick and painless. The impending root canal...not so much. Simple Life has been anchored in Spa Creek, Annapolis for over a week now since we've been temporarily sidelined due to a fractured tooth. Dentists refer to this ailment as fractured tooth syndrome. I'm not sure why it's referred to as a syndrome, I crunched on a twig in my cereal and the tooth cracked. Everyday things still happen to those of us who live aboard just like everyone living ashore. But, when unforeseen events happen out here we have to find a solution straightaway and locally. Our dentist is the local dentist not our dentist back in Rhode Island and it's crucial to find someone trust worthy.

Old Barney the Baregat Lighthouse
     Getting back to how these events transpired...Recently, after motoring out of New York Harbor, we had a good day sailing down the New Jersey coastline. By four PM it was time to call it a day at the Barnegat Inlet. Winds and seas were in our favor at the inlet and "Old Barney" the Barnegat Lighthouse was a welcomed sight as we negotiated the inlet with breaking seas in sight. Joe and I hoped for a peaceful anchorage in the bay that night. Our destination the following day would be Cape May, New Jersey which was a 60 mile motor-sailing trip from Barnegat Bay. Everything went as planned and Cape May was within reach before sunset. I'm not a morning person and after a restful nights' sleep in Cape May Captain Joe had us up and underway at dawn. The forecast of favorable winds and currents up the Delaware River to the C&D Canal to overnight at anchor in the basin at Chesapeake City, Maryland was in our favor. We were making tracks, occasionally at nine knots!

Dawn on Delaware Bay with moon set
   Along the way while eating breakfast on the Delaware, I bit into one of those "healthy" cereals with the twig like particles in it. A sharp twinge in one of my back teeth caught my attention. Not a good sign. At the time I didn't mention the issue to Joe but I Googled a dentist in the Annapolis area since it's more populated than Chesapeake City with hopes of procuring an appointment within a couple of days.

The Hole in the Wall Tavern
     While in Chesapeake City, Joe and I anchored in the basin one night and in the morning noticed that the free dock was available. We weighed anchor in order to secure our spot at the dock where water was available to refill our tanks and the town was more accessible. It was enjoyable to tour Chesapeake City for the day and visit several of the local antique shops. Chesapeake City's historical importance revolves around the dredging of the C&D Canal in the 1800's. Many of the homes were constructed from the dunnage from barges that never made it through the canal to the Delaware River. There are numerous interesting antique shops that are ripe for exploration, a few popular restaurants as well as the historic Hole in the Wall Tavern on the Canal.
Joe reading one of the numerous plaques throughout the town

Early the next morning the amicable dock master, Buddy Shepard offered to take us grocery shopping at the Redner's Wholesale Market a short distance from the town dock. We provisioned in anticipation of our upcoming week of "dental extravaganza in Annapolis" and I received an appointment confirmation online from Patton Smiles in Annapolis. I felt hopeful and actually looked forward to meeting my new dentist.