Saturday, September 13, 2014

What Do Sailors Dream About While Making Offshore Passages?

A dream come true!
     I'm not sure about other sailors experiences but, I happen to think a lot about bacon whenever we're making offshore passages. In fact I think so much about bacon that on occasion I've been positive that I smelled bacon wafting from the shoreline. That's probably not accurate since we're usually more that three miles offshore. At any rate I made a vow during the night to cook a big breakfast with bacon, eggs, coffee and bagels as soon as Joe settled us in on anchor in Cape May.

     Even though last nights' passage was one of the better ones...(we actually sailed all afternoon and throughout the night) all I longed for was a bed that didn't move. When I was off watch I climbed into my bunk only to be tormented by the following seas jiggling me from side to side. No real chance to sleep in those conditions. Then I began wondering why people rock poor, defenseless, babies who don't even have the ability to say, "What the hell? Knock it off!"
The other thought I couldn't shake was whose idea was this? "This isn't fun!" Yea, the moon was waning but, nearly full. Lighting our way over turbulent seas. Threads of spindrift blew off tops of waves...blah, blah, blah. It still wasn't fun.

     Next time, oh did I mention that there won't be a next time? I'm never doing that again! Oh, I almost forgot. We arrived safely at 8:15 this morning and that bacon really hit the spot!

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