Monday, September 22, 2014

Timing is Everything...Cape May, NJ to Annapolis, Maryland

Map of Delaware Bay to
C&D Canal to
Annapolis, Chesapeake Bay 
     This game of sailing from here to there is one of timing with advanced planning being an important tactic. Although, even after careful, strategic planning, checking currents, tides and weather, things don't always come together as intended.

     Subsequent to our overnight passage down the Jersey coastline it was time to take a day off, regroup and rest in Cape May. The trip was tiring. The following day's currents looked favorable for heading up Delaware Bay toward Annapolis, Maryland. Anxiety levels lowered dramatically since a fast turnaround seemed to be "in the cards." Apparently, the decision to move was on the mark since at dawn Monday morning 15 of the 20 boats in the Cape May anchorage began hauling anchors. Destination? THE DREADED DELAWARE!

It seems everyone has stories of bad experiences in the Delaware. No one enjoys this part of the trip, but it's one that has to be endured, akin to prepping for a colonoscopy and hoping the actual event will be uneventful. Too bad we couldn't be anesthetized for the unpleasantness of the Delaware. It would be nice to awaken find ourselves safely anchored in Chesapeake Bay and have absolutely no recollection as to how we arrived there!

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