Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Friends Along the Way

    Since the "flooding incident" aboard Simple Life I've wanted to work a blog into the lineup that had been a rough draft format before "The Shite Hits the Fan" blog was posted.
     I've said it before and I'll say it once again, our cruising community always restores my faith in humanity! At one time, Joe and I had real jobs. We did the nine to five rat race and barely got the chance to know our land based neighbors. Life was hectic and everyone was busy. Things have changed since we've chosen to lead a new life, albeit a simple life. We still have best friends back in New England who remain close to our hearts. Nothing replaces time honoured friendships.

Rachel anchored at Sandy Point, Great Wicomico River, VA
Photo by Joe Boulay
     Friendships we've forged in the cruising community due to similar affinities have been rewarding. While transiting Chesapeake Bay this fall friends Mark and Julie aboard SV Rachel whom we met last season in the Exumas phoned us hoping to reconnect as we traveled south. We were heading to the Great Wicomico River to catch up with friends Bob and Pat from Chanticleer. Mark and Rachel were sailing north toward the Great Wicomico!
     The chosen anchorage for the evening was Sandy Point in the Great Wicomico River where Mark and Julie joined us for dinner aboard. Sadly, they will not be joining the migration heading south this winter. Shoreside responsibilities require attention and they've planned a new tack; exploring the States in an RV for awhile! They're veteran cruisers who have been living aboard and sailing full time for seven years. Their travels have taken them to the Bahamas, the western Caribbean, down to Panama and back to the States.
Pat and neighbor Julie from SV Quest preparing pizza
Photo by Joe Boulay
       Early the next morning we left Sandy Point bound for Tiper's Creek where we looked forward to visiting with friends Bob and Pat whom we met during hurricane Sandy while holed up in Dowry Creek, NC. That shared experience cemented our friendship for life. Since then we have visited them at their lovely home in Virginia and they have visited us in New England. This summer while cruising to Maine they sailed their boat Chanticleer to Narragansett Bay where we rendezvoused at Dutch Harbor in Jamestown. We sailed along with Chanticleer to Cuttyhunk Island where we spent a few days exploring the island and getting together. Chanticleer continued north to Maine for the remainder of the summer returning home to Virginia in the fall.
Bob applying the finishing touches
Photo by Joe Boulay

     In September as Simple Life sailed south on Chesapeake Bay, Bob and Pat invited us to spend a couple of days at their dock. Stopping at their home has always been a highlight of our trips up and down the Bay. Pat is a superb cook. She has a well appointed chef's kitchen and knows how to use it. Whenever we visit they often invite neighbors to join us and share her wonderful meals. What a treat! Good friends and good food! Life is good.
Pat and Michele
Photo by Robert Sikora

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