Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Spa Creek, Annapolis

Spa Creek, Annapolis anchorage
     When planning our stops along the north south route, Spa Creek, Annapolis ranks number one on our list. It offers excellent wind protection and it's peaceful in spite of its proximity to this well known bustling seaside, sailing mecca.

Joe contemplating his carburetor cleaning task
The carburetor 
 Annapolis seemed like a good place to stop, rest and work on a few boat projects after our push down the NJ and Delaware coastline. The top boat project requiring immediate attention was our 15 hp Yamaha dinghy engine. It began acting up after leaving RI. Sometimes it started on the first pull and sometimes it started after several. Eventually, it didn't start at all. I imagined a messy job in store. While in Annapolis Joe sought the advice of the local Yamaha dealer who prescribed a fuel cleaner. The diagnosis? A clogged carburetor. He said his shop was filled with problem carburetors due to the addition of ethanol in gasoline. The mechanic offered to do the job for a couple of hundred dollars! Joe decided to learn to dismantle and clean the carburetor himself. He took photos of every step to make sure he'd be able to reassemble everything in the proper order. The engine is now running like a top! Knock on wood to chase those Irish fairies away...


Irish band at Galway Bay Irish Pub Autumn Festival
   Sunday mornings in Annapolis are usually quiet and a good day to get laundry chores done. Did I mention Annapolis was usually quiet on Sunday mornings? Unbeknownst to us, local business owners along Maryland Avenue (where the laundromat's located) were hosting their annual Autumn street faire! An Irish band was performing street side at Galway Bay Irish Pub directly across from the laundromat! Local patrons dined al fresco while enjoying the band and the pub's eclectic menu. For once I actually enjoyed doing laundry while being entertained by an authentic Irish band from Donegal, Ireland.

Lunch at Galway Bay Irish Pub
     Our day got even better when cruising friends Bill and Sandy from SV Whiswind sent us a text that they'd just picked up a mooring in Annapolis Harbor and wondered if we were free for lunch? Since we were already across from Galway Bay and the band was so enjoyable we suggested the pub for lunch. We'd met Bill and Sandy while cruising in the Bahamas eleven years ago and we try to reconnect whenever Simple Life transits Chesapeake Bay. Spontaneous get togethers are what makes the cruising life so enjoyable. I think we're becoming spontaneity junkies.

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