Sunday, August 26, 2012

And We're Off!

Simple Life's mooring lines were dropped into the cove on Wednesday, August 22nd which rather unceremoniously ushered in our yearlong adventure of traveling and living aboard. I'm actually surprised that the boat is floating with all of her added gear and new accessories. Eight years ago we headed out on this trip and in comparison traveled light. We've put much more provisional thought into this voyage and within the plan acquired more amenities which will ensure that we'll be more comfortable. After all, we know what to expect to a degree. Although, expectations can always fall short when dealing with the natural elements of ocean, wind, currents and most importantly weather.

Our immediate goals and objectives are as follows: 1) Fill the water and diesel tanks 2) Enjoy wherever we happen to be each day 3) Sail to Block Island to begin staging for a possible overnight sail to Cape May, NewJersey or make the decision to take the Long Island route 4) Watch weather patterns and if there is an approaching cold front in the forecast assess how strong it will be and if it will sustain us for the duration of an overnight sail from Block Island to Cape May 5) If after a week in the anchorage waiting for a proper weather window it appears that no cold fronts are approaching, consider sailing the inside route down Long Island Sound
6) Stop making checklists!
It's a wait and see period right now. Wind has been light and variable. Venturing offshore in these conditions would require motoring rather than sailing. We prefer sailing.

So, for now we'll rest, enjoy the anchorage at Block Island and prepare for the potential overnight passage. After all it's not really about the destination that brings sailors the most enjoyment. We also have to savor the here and now.
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