Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Offshore to Cape May, New Jersey

It appears as of this evening that tomorrow we'll have our weather window for crossing from Block Island, Rhode Island to Cape May, New Jersey. A northerly wind of approximately 10-12 knots is in the forecast. The wind is expected to shift to the west on Thursday which will be a favorable direction to allow Simple Life to fetch Cape May. It's approximately a 200 nautical mile sail from Block Island.

I have been preparing our ditch bag with clothes, food, first aid, water etc. in the event that we need to abandon the boat and use the life raft. Not a pleasant thought. It certainly is a sobering act when contemplating a potential disaster. But, it is a fact of life when sailing offshore and one that requires forethought.
So tonight I am preparing a special dinner a Cajun chicken stew which will also heat nicely in one pot on our offshore passage to Cape May. I think it's a natural instinct for women to "nest." I always seem to prepare for a time when we won't have our usual dinners or a food shortage. Joe is also preparing in his way. He's monitoring weather, charts, more weather, electronic charts...we are both slightly on edge and both anxiously awaiting dawn.
This afternoon we walked to the Block Island Market to buy a few last minute items. I know from experience that when we finally arrive in Cape May we will certainly be exhausted. Most likely we'll anchor, have something to eat and crash. That's normal after a passage. The best thing about making this passage is that we'll be able to spend all of September enjoying ourselves exploring Chesapeake Bay and hopefully we'll be out of harms way in the event of a hurricane that could potentially impact the Eastern Seaboard in the fall. There are a lot of uncertainties right now. But, when you think about it when is anything in life really certain?
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