Monday, August 20, 2012

Canning for the Future

The finished product!!
My latest undertaking has been the completion of my "canning for the future" project. As we head south we'll have plenty of opportunities to purchase groceries along the way. However, once in the Exuma Islands, Bahamas things will change dramatically. Stores are tiny in the Out Islands. Food is not plentiful. It arrives on the mail boat once a week and if we're late for the boat's arrival most of the shelves will be bare. In the smaller Family Islands fresh meat is practically nonexistent. My solution to this issue was to can my own meat that I purchased in at my local market.

 During the spring I ordered a 21 quart pressure canner which is designed for either canning or cooking meat, chicken or any other non acid food item including seafood. My plan is to store my canned products in a low dry area of the boat until we reach the Exumas sometime in December or January. I canned a case of ground sirloin, a case of chicken, and five quarts of homemade meatballs and sauce. This will supplement our provisions when food is scarce with hopes that we'll have some luck with fishing and spearing lobsters.