Friday, October 26, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, Dowry Creek, Belhaven, North Carolina

     Life on a sailboat is not all sunshine. Hurricane Sandy has been in the forecast during the past week and has been weighing heavily on every boater's mind. We listened to forecasts on the Single Side Band radio with early hopes that it wouldn't materialize. We listened intently each morning as our weather guru Chris Parker painted a scenario that grew more ominous with each passing day. Finally we had to make a decision. Will we be safe here? Will our anchor drag? Will a tidal surge affect us?

 Inevitably, we decide to move to a safer harbor with hopes that Chris's forecast is accurate. He believes that this hurricane will skirt our area of Cape Hatteras and give us only tropical storm force winds of 50-60 mph! That's certainly enough to deal with both physically and emotionally. Right now we are preparing by stripping Simple Life of canvas and tying extra lines. We know this will be at least a three day event. It is arriving along with a full moon which will increase water levels. It's the best we can do right now and all we have is hope. Stay tuned...