Monday, October 1, 2012

Washington DC

We crossed the Potomac River last week and anchored in the Glebe off the Coan River which is off the Potomac River. If all of this sounds complicated it is! Chesapeake Bay is huge. Rivers off Chesapeake Bay are the size of bays in New England and creeks off the rivers are the size of some of our favorite destinations similar to Salt Pond in South Kingston, Wickford or Bristol, RI.
A few weeks ago we had considered sailing up the Potomac River to tour Washington, DC but decided that it would take too much time away from the "north south" sailing route. Three days up, a few days touring and a three day return to the Chesapeake was more time than we could afford. While anchored in Annapolis and investigating transportation options it was apparent that a day trip from Annapolis was an alternative. The tourist information office was most helpful. We hopped a small commuter bus from a stop in front of social services for $5.00 which brought us to the metro station. The metro stops are all along the Washington Mall and exits stop at all of the national  monuments and museums.

As we escalated the subway it was such a thrill to see the Washington Monument. Public transportation definitely has its perks.

I had been through DC but had never spent time exploring the city. This was my opportunity. Joe asked what I wanted to see. Well of course the Washington Monument, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the WWII Memorial, the Capital!

I didn't realize how much time this would encompass. I also had an ancillary list for the day; the Holocaust Museum, the Smithsonian, the Newseum! We accomplished all of the outdoor goals and I realized we would need to visit numerous times to see everything on my list.

In the short amount of time that we were in DC I did acquire a "flavor" of the city. At least now I realize many more visits are in order to see all that I'd planned. We'll return in the spring with a smaller itinerary. I'll choose one museum, we'll have a leisurely lunch in a sidewalk cafe, ride the metro back to the Simple Life and plan our next visit.

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Location:Washington DC