Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sarah Creek, Gloucester Point

Life on a cruising sailboat is a fickle existence. One day it's eighty degrees and the endless drops of sweat bead up on your limbs until you'd wish for a cold front and even welcome it. The following day might usher in a cold front with dampness that's indescribable and chills to the bone. It's a dampness never felt when living on the shore. At times it can seem impossible to find warmth (until the cozy onboard fireplace is lit.)
Weather forecasts last week called for an approaching cold front accompanied by high winds. The original plan was to pick up a mooring ball on Riverwalk Landing at Yorktown and visit the historic triangle of Yorktown, Williamsburg and the Jamestown settlement. However, since wind protection is minimal in The York River Joe decided that it would make sense to wait out the weather anchored across the river in Sarah Creek, at Gloucester Point, Virginia. He'd read that nearby Yacht Haven Marina welcomed transient boaters from the anchorage and allowed usage of their facilities for laundry and showers. There is also an excellent well stocked ship's store on site.

When the anchor was set the first order of business was laundry. After two weeks our accumulated mounds of laundry had become overwhelming. Upon arrival I'd been looking forward to a nice dinner ashore at the marina restaurant where I could dress up a bit and not look as though I'd just stepped off a boat. However, laundry chores took longer than expected. One of the marina dryers malfunctioned after a 45 minute dry cycle and the clothes were still damp. It was nice to have the extra time ashore. While waiting for the laundry Joe and I sat on a porch swing overlooking the water. I did some reading when Joe wasn't interrupting me and watched several Great Blue Herons search the mud flats for their afternoon snack.

Joe spent time strolling around the docks and actually spotted a sturgeon which is a prehistoric looking fish that was recently added to the endangered species list in February this year. See the link below
http://en.wikipedia Decisions were made to enjoy the restaurant the following evening on Saturday when there would be more time to enjoy the atmosphere with fewer chores. Even though I enjoy cooking I'd become bored with my own cuisine and it was great to discover that the River's Inn restaurant at the marina with its tastefully appointed nautical decor had excellent reviews.

Rain, rain and more rain on Sunday into Monday. Leaving the boat wasn't a consideration. It was just too wet. So the question became; "What do you do when cooped up on a boat for a couple of days in the rain?" Usually, sleep in a bit longer. Light the fireplace. Make a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, bagels, coffee. Read, practice guitar,read some more, practice guitar, clean and organize, pay bills, check email. Pretty much what people do at home when the weather is bad. Although, we don't have the option of going to the mall or watching TV...tomorrow the sun is supposed to shine and we're looking forward to moving across the river to Yorktown to explore our new home for the day.
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